Choose your PLUS service

You can pay monthly or anually

PLUS Monthly

1.49 EUR

billed monthly
  • 100 signs included
  • 512MB of storage
  • 5 app max

Free w/ads

0* EUR

*if you allow our ads
  • Unlimited signs
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Unlimited Apps max

A few questions about our pricing packages

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Can I purchase more packages?

Yes, if you are running out of limits, you can top-up your account with value of new package. Limits will be increased automatically.

How long do you store signed apps?

We store your apps during 30 days after signing.

Do you have API to integrate to my project?

Sure! All APIs required for singing your software may be provided upon request.

Do you have custom packages?

Yes, we can configure limits specially for you. Please contact Customer Support Desk to request custom limits for your project.